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The Entrepreneurial MD Business Coaching Services help transform physician clients from “newbie” Business Person, lacking in business experience or knowledge, to successful Physician Entrepreneur.

And from unseasoned Physician Executive to a competent and respected Physician Leader who has the skills and abilities to transform the departments or organizations they lead.

Physicians excel at what they do – you have technical skills pertaining to your “physician work”. Some physicians who want to advance their career chose to get a healthcare administration degree; but most of you aren’t trained in starting, operating and successfully growing a medical practice or business. Hence the unfamiliarity of actually thinking of yourself as a business person. Or a true Leader.

In order to help physicians like you accomplish this transformation, I have developed an 8-step Entrepreneurial MD Career Enhancement process:

The Eights Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneurial Physician or Physician Leader

  1. Understand who you are, what you’re capable of, and what you want, to design the lifestyle you desire – your Designed Lifestyle
  2. Articulate your business idea to support and provide for your Designed Lifestyle – your Business or Leadership Vision
  3. Figure out your biggest questions about going into your own medical practice or business that, if solved, would build you a viable business – Strategic Thinking about your Business Model
  4. Identify the BIG reason for your medical practice or business to exist for YOU – your Compelling Purpose, and the BIG reason for your business to exist for OTHERS – your Customer (or Patient or Team Leader) Purpose
  5. Name your core values to align with in your medical practice or business, along with the actions that convey your values to your customers/patients, future employees and business affiliates – your Business or Leadership Values in Action
  6. Outline key steps to financing, building and operating your medical practice or business. Communicate to yourself and others how you intend to make your practice, business or organization/department successful – your Business or Leadership Plan.
  7. Develop a strategy for positioning, pricing, packaging and promoting your service(s) or product(s), to persuade others to buy and/or keep coming back for more! – your Marketing or “Influencer” Plan
  8. Put in place the hardware, software, “peopleware”, systems, and processes to support the efficient operation of your medical practice, business or organization/department – your Implementation Plan.

Not every physician is at the same stage of business and professional development. Some wish to become more business-oriented in their medical practices but don’t know where to start. Others have made a move, but are feeling stuck or unsupported. Still others have businesses or business-like practices that are doing well, and they want to step it up to a much higher level. Likewise with Physician Leaders – some of whom have little experience and others who have been doing it for a while and want to be more focused and intentional about organizational transformation.

Depending on your needs and where your medical practice, business or organizational position is at, The Entrepreneurial MD has programs to meet your goals.


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Business and Career Development Programs for Physician Entrepreneurs

1. Individual Business/Leadership Coaching for Physicians

Are you a physician with an idea for a business?

Are you a physician in a largely non-clinical, executive role who wants to step up your leadership skills?

Or are you a physician in clinical practice who is eager to upgrade the “business” qualities of your medical practice?

Are you a physician with a non-clinical career in mind and who doesn’t know how to transition out of clinical practice?

Maybe you want to deliver a specialized service, create and sell a product, or develop a consulting practice. Or perhaps you are considering a career change to an executive suite somewhere.

Do you know where to begin?

Do you need help conceptualizing and planning any of these changes?

Are you struggling with any of the Eight Steps listed above?

Click here to learn more about The Entrepreneurial MD Individual Coaching programs.

Click here to contact me, to discuss your needs and interest in a program designed just for you!


2. The Entrepreneurial MD “One Page Business PlanTM” Program

Does your medical practice or new business need a serious tune-up?

One of the best activities you can engage in to jump-start a start-up or growth phase of a business or medical practice is to write a business plan. 

It is NOT the writing that matters, as much as the focused, disciplined, rigorous thinking and planning that makes the difference.

When you have completed your One Page Business Plan (TM), you will have a clear and logical road map to guide all the key activities for the upcoming year, and to create the business or practice that best supports your Business Vision!

Click here to learn more about The Entrepreneurial MD One Page Business Plan (TM) Program. 

Click here to contact me, to discuss your needs and interest in The Entrepreneurial MD One Page Business Plan (TM) Program.


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Feeling like there are too many options OR you’re just not ready for the “coaching stuff”?

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And a quick reminder – you can always check out here what your colleagues have to say about their experience with business and physician leadership and career development coaching.


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