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The Physicians Marketing Mastery Program will help you overcome the big hurdles that keep your business undistinguished (“just another doc”…” just another consultant”… etc.) and your revenues from growing. You’ll learn exactly what an effective Marketing Plan is for YOUR practice or business. Not the generic one that the books sell you on…!

Over the course this 6-part program you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your ideal patient or client, so that you can “speak’ directly to them and be heard above the marketing/selling noise out there
  • Design your marketing to match both your target market’s and your preferences so you’ll never have to risk your reputation or feel shaky when trying to communicate comfortably with them
  • Create a visibility strategy that attracts ideal patients or clients, referrals, and even media attention!
  • Boost your credibility with honest-to-goodness,  no-hype methods that show the world you know your stuff
  • Create a Marketing Roadmap that even you and your staff can implement – make something happen instead of “paving the road to hell with good intentions”.

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Are you ready to make this transition to a non-clinical career really happen? You’re on the verge of changing direction; maybe you’re not sure how to proceed. We will show you how to smooth the path — while staying sane AND productive.

You will discover how to leverage your passions and skills to uncover your unique way of serving the world.

  1. You will identify the path that’s a great fit for your passions
  2. You will have a clear understanding of your transferable skills and how to articulate them persuasively.
  3. You will master the tools you need in order to secure an income in your new career

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