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Philippa Kennealy MD MPH CPCC is the Entrepreneurial Physician Coach who helps physicians succeed as thriving entrepreneurs.

Philippa’s immediate contact info:

Phone: (310) 476-6116 (Pacific Time Zone. Usual hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

Contact me  (through my website – I check my e-mails frequently)

Write to me at “philippa (at) entrepreneurialMD (dot) com” (please substitute the @ sign for the word “at” and the period character for the word “dot”). Sorry, – I am fighting an onslaught of spam by people and software detecting my e-mail address on my website!

Low resolution color 1Welcome to the Media Room for Dr. Philippa Kennealy

Philippa works with physicians who are struggling to generate business ideas, and overwhelmed with launching and running sound ventures, such as enhancements to existing practices, or new medical or non-medical businesses.

Philippa is a lively, engaging guest who can tell a wealth of stories from her own journey to successful business woman, as well as stories about successful physician entrepreneurs. In addition, she offers plenty of advice and tips for how to get started in business as a physician entrepreneur.

What makes Philippa an expert on physician entrepreneurship?

From her experiences as a physician with her own private practices in rural Zimbabwe and later in urban Santa Monica, to those of running a large community hospital, working in a dot-com start-up and now running her own successful entrepreneurial business, Philippa has earned her stripes.

She has coached aspiring and actual physician entrepreneurs to create and run meaningful businesses. From her “Conversations with Trailblazers” interview series with numerous thriving physician entrepreneurs, she has distilled gold nuggets of insights that have contributed to their successes, and that she can share with your audience.

If you’d need tips, stories or ideas on:

  • Current trends in healthcare in which physicians are becoming more entrepreneurial to offset their disappointing declining revenues
  • How to assist physicians who want to develop a great service or product idea
  • How to help physician who aspire to become more entrepreneurial
  • How to help physicians step “across the divide” to become successful team-oriented leaders and executives
  • How physicians are considering a career change and longing to go into business for themselves

please call Philippa at one of the numbers below, or fill out the Contact Form.

Possible general interview questions

  1. How did you become interested in coaching physician entrepreneurs?
  2. What is it that physicians struggle with most commonly when considering starting a business?
  3. How do you help physicians get started if they are toying with an idea for a business?
  4. What motivates physicians to use their medical education and experience for endeavors other than clinical medicine?  Are they burned out on patient care?  Looking to increase their income?  Are they bored?  Frustrated?  Or is it something more positive?
  5. What are the key issues that physicians must be aware of when considering leaving their practice or job for an entrepreneurial venture?
  6. What are some of the ways physicians can get started down the path to owning their own business?
  7. What gets in the way of physicians taking the next step to starting a business? How can they address these obstacles?
  8. Looking into the future, what are the cutting edge entrepreneurial opportunities for physicians?
  9. What entrepreneurial opportunities are available for physicians who want to work only part-time?
  10. What are your thoughts about getting an MBA versus getting experience on the job, before striking out as an entrepreneur?
  11. What do you offer at The Entrepreneurial MD that can smooth the path to entrepreneurship for physicians?
  12. What have been the hardest lessons for you to learn yourself, as a physician entrepreneur?
  13. What would you do differently as a physician entrepreneur if you were to start again?
  14. What are the real opportunities for physicians as they embrace leadership and executive roles?

Philippa’s published articles

ACPE’s The Leading Edge (online journal): From Healer to Coach—Physicians Face Dramatic Role Change for the 21st Century
Physician Executive Nov-Dec 2006:
Have Dream … Will Prevail
Physician Executive Sept-Oct 2007: I Want to Be an Entrepreneur…..But I Don’t Know What Business to Start
Physician Executive Nov-Dec 2007: Being Bold and Brave — Taking a Strategic Approach to Changing Your Career
Immediate Care Business Sept-Oct 2007: The Seven Secrets to Developing Your Entrepreneurial Mindset
Immediate Care Business Nov-Dec 2007: Five Truths for a Successful Career in Business: Finding Your Core Purpose and Strengths
Immediate Care Business Feb 2009: How to make this New Year successful
Physician Executive Jan-Feb 2009: How One Physician’s Passion Provided Increased Access and Practice Profitability

Interviews, Articles and Podcasts about The Entrepreneurial MD

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Doctor’s Digest – November/December 2007. Personal and Professional Growth edition. New Practice Options (by Karen Childress)
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Medscape – July 10, 2014. ‘I’ve Had It With Medicine!’ 16 Options for Second Careers (requires a Medscape login)
Physician Financial Success Podcast – Jun 27, 2014. Interview audio on YouTube. Here is copy of the transcript.


Philippa’s immediate contact info:

Phone: (310) 476-6116 (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Los Angeles – Pacific Time)
Cell phone: (310) 713-3044 (Pacific Time)

Contact me through my website
Write to me at “philippa (at) entrepreneurialMD (dot) com” (please substitute the @ sign for the word “at” and the period character for the word “dot”). Sorry, – I am fighting an onslaught of spam by people and software detecting my e-mail address on my website!

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