“Letting Go” means never having to say you’re sorry!

 (with apologies to “Love Story”!)

I found myself reacting snarkily to all the end of year look-back (“Best/Worst of 2009”) posts and newspaper articles. It felt almost too self-indulgent – as if we were afraid to let another year go by without analyzing it to death. Especially as it was a year that many were happy to see the back of. When I experience negative reactions like that, I know a question is roiling around inside.

I spent some time trying to uncover what was bothering me. I found myself wondering how a Buddhist would approach year’s end. I ended up with this question: What DON’T I want in 2010?

My short list looks like this:

  • I don’t want to miss out on more of my child’s life than I need to (allowing for some healthy separation!!)
  • I don’t want to spin my wheels doing stuff that others could do more effectively and efficiently for me.
  • I don’t want to let one day slip by without acknowledging at least one good thing and one accomplishment during my waking hours.
  • I don’t want anyone else defining my accomplishments. Only I get to decide what they are and aren’t.
  • I don’t want to lose valuable time and momentum berating myself for my flaws and failings, unless it is truly essential (what do you think of this one, Tiger Woods?)
  • I don’t want to choose based on fear!

Okay, so I’ve let go of 2009, and I am eager for 2010.

What about you?

If you too are ready for some letting go, perhaps these questions will help:

  1. What can I cross off my list today, because:
    a. it isn’t important
    b. someone can do it better?
  2. If my world was to end a year from today, what would I stop doing right away?
  3. What feelings (anger, guilt, remorse, regret, shame) do I want to let go of to free myself to enjoy my work and life more?
  4. What can I do to slow down today?
  5. What distractions do I need to eliminate in order to accomplish one important goal?

May 2010 be your best year yet!! 



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