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May 2012: Is it time to pull the plug on your physician business marketing activity?
April 2012: Networking your way efficiently to a new non-clinical position
February 2012: The ideal physician job – does it exist?
January 2012: Physician business owners’ secrets to greeting the New Year

December 2011: The entrepreneurial physician’s roadmap to creative thinking
November 2011: The entrepreneurial physician’s contemporary career map
October 2011: Five secrets to achieving physician happiness
September 2011: Artful decision-making secrets for physicians
August 2011:
Networking for your business – how to eliminate the “work”
July 2011:
How lucky must you be for entrepreneurial physician success?
June 2011: Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending
May 2011: How do physicians engage in creativity and personal mastery?
April 2011: Is your physician business in need of a “Beginner’s Mind”?
March 2011: What is the hankering in your heart?
February 2011How do you know when your entrepreneurial physician business needs a kick in the rear?
January 2011: Ban the New Year’s Resolution; make Choice your ideal option

December 2010: As an entrepreneurial physician, to soar creatively you need to expand your wings!
November 2010:
Are you entering the Danger Zone as a physician on the job?
October 2010:
Integrity – a magic ingredient for entrepreneurial physician success
September 2010:
Some of what I learned about physician entrepreneurship I learned from my horse
August 2010:
Why Your Physician Thought Leadership Matters
July 2010:
Do you accidentally trash time? One secret to producing results while saving time to play
June 2010:
What the desert taught one physician business owner about survival
May 2010:
Five truths to tide you over when the well appears dry
April 2010:
Physicians – Fact or Fiction? How to use constructive self-talk to overcome your trash-talking brain
March 2010: 
Five Simple Steps to Creating Your First Information Product
February 2010: 
The 5 biggest marketing mistakes entrepreneurial physicians make
January 2010:
“Letting Go” means never having to say you’re sorry!

December 2009: Three Tips for a Thriving 2010
November 2009:
The Website Weapon: The secret to marketing your entrepreneurial physician business successfully
October 2009:
The Mini Marketing Primer for Entrepreneurial Physicians
September 2009:
To build a business, quit dithering. Implement … and delegate!
August 2009:
Win your audience over with Wowie! video
July 2009:
Don’t Ration Your Passion
June 2009:
Seven steps to boosting your entrepreneurial creativity
May 2009:
The 10 Biggest Mistakes I Made When Getting Starting in Business
April 2009:
  Perfectionism Doesn’t Pay
March 2009:
10 Ways to Position Yourself as an Authority
February 2009:
Leverage your passionate outrage into a business
January 2009:
What mindset will serve you BEST when starting a business?

December 2008: Getting Past Stuck: How to negotiate the obstacles to progress
November 2008:
The 7 “Cs” of Meaningful Work for Physicians
October 2008:
The Delicate Art of Handling Your Physician Identity 
September 2008:
If you just took fear out of the equation…
August 2008:
Five Top Trends in Consumer-Directed Healthcare
July 2008:
For Entrepreneurial Physicians: How to play a Bigger Game
June 2008:
Resilience is an entrepreneurial physician success trait
May 2008:
Is your website a waste of time? Four deadly website failures for physician business owners to avoid
April 2008:
The four tasks successful physician businesses should outsource … and the three you should always hold on to
March 2008:
If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing poorly — at first!
February 2008:
The 5 Indisputable Laws of Business Promotion for Entrepreneurial Physicians 
January 2008:
The wrap-up – Your Business Plan in Action

December 2007: Where the rubber hits the road – Strategies and Action Plans
November 2007:
The rigorous role of Objectives
October 2007:
The unifying magic of a Mission
September 2007:
The power of a clear Vision
August 2007:
Seven Secrets to A Solid Business Plan
July 2007:
Top Ten Tips for Effective Feedback
June 2007:
Masterminding: How to harness the brain power of a group
May 2007:
Networking Made Natural for Physician Entrepreneurs: Part 4
April 2007:
Networking Made Natural for Physician Entrepreneurs: Part 3
March 2007:
Networking Made Natural for Physician Entrepreneurs: Part 2
February 2007
Networking Made Natural: Top Tips for Physician Entrepreneurs 
January 2007:
Ten Possible Adventures for Entrepreneurial Physicians in 2007

December 2006: The Five Steps to Pain-Free Marketing: How to build relationships with others who need something you have to offer.
November 2006:
Ten Laws to help you thrive as an Entrepreneurial Physician 
October 2006:
Optimism: Why it matters so much to physician entrepreneurs

Published articles by The Entrepreneurial MD

Physician Executive Jan-Feb 2009: How One Physician’s Passion Provided Increased Access and Practice Profitability
Physician Executive Nov-Dec 2007: 
Being Bold and Brave — Taking a Strategic Approach to Changing Your Career
Physician Executive Nov-Dec 2006: 
Have Dream … Will Prevail

Interviews, Articles and Podcasts about The Entrepreneurial MD

ReachMD – August 2014. The Entrepreneurial MD: Fostering Acts of Radical Creativity in Medicine (by Tim Rush)
The HospitalistMarch 2013. Former Hospitalist Gets Satisfaction Helping Physicians Launch Nonclinical Careers (by Susan Kreimer)
HIPAA Audit March 2011. Interview with Dr. Philippa Kennealy (by John Brewer)
– Summer 2010. Avoid Relocation Shock (by Marcia Travelstead)
RockYourGenius Show
with Amber Riviere – April 2, 2010: Interview about entrepreneurship, and niche selection.
Emergency Physicians Monthly –
April 2010. “The Coach is In”
Career Renegade –
July 2009. Renegade Profile – Philippa Kennealy, podcast with Jonathan Fields, author of “Career Renegade”. 
April 6, 2009. Broadcast your brand: Find the patients you most want to treat 
“Get Slightly Famous” Podcast
– January 14th 2008. Entrepreneur targets doctors and builds a thriving online business using online thought leadership.
Doctor’s Digest –
November/December 2007. Personal and Professional Growth edition. New Practice Options (by Karen Childress)
– November 2007. What’s Up With These Docs?
The Shop Floor –
Rembrandt’s PR and Writing Blog for Startup Success: Find Your Niche Part 1
An Interview with Philippa Kennealy, MD MPH CPCC PCC Part 1
(November 2007)
The Shop Floor –
Rembrandt’s PR and Writing Blog for Startup Success: Find Your Niche Part 2
An Interview with Philippa Kennealy, MD MPH CPCC PCC Part 2
(November 2007)
LifeWork Solutions Newsletter
– June 2007. Moving on or Out: Change and Entrepreneurship
Savvy Biz Cast
Philippa Kennealy Episode
Student DocJanuary 2012.  What Is a MD-MBA? (a series of links to articles about the role of an MBA)
PracticeLinkWinter 2012. Is Your CV Helping You?
Physicians Practice – March 22, 2013, by Philippa Kennealy, MD and Philip Garrett Panitz, Esq. Minimizing the Risks of Audits, Malpractice Suits at Medical Practices (requires a Physicians Practice login)
ACPE’s LeadDocMarch 20, 2014. ‘Entrepreneurial MD’ Helps Physicians Recognize their Business Potential
Medscape – July 10, 2014. ‘I’ve Had It With Medicine!’ 16 Options for Second Careers (requires a Medscape login)
Physician Financial Success Podcast – Jun 27, 2014. Interview audio on YouTube. Here is copy of the transcript.
David Denniston’s Doctor Freedom Podcast – September 13, 2015. Dr. Philippa Kennealy- The Entrepreneurial MD

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