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May 2012: Is it time to pull the plug on your physician business marketing activity?
April 2012: Networking your way efficiently to a new non-clinical position
February 2012: The ideal physician job – does it exist?
January 2012: Physician business owners’ secrets to greeting the New Year

December 2011: The entrepreneurial physician’s roadmap to creative thinking
November 2011: The entrepreneurial physician’s contemporary career map
October 2011: Five secrets to achieving physician happiness
September 2011: Artful decision-making secrets for physicians
August 2011:
Networking for your business – how to eliminate the “work”
July 2011:
How lucky must you be for entrepreneurial physician success?
June 2011: Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending
May 2011: How do physicians engage in creativity and personal mastery?
April 2011: Is your physician business in need of a “Beginner’s Mind”?
March 2011: What is the hankering in your heart?
February 2011How do you know when your entrepreneurial physician business needs a kick in the rear?
January 2011: Ban the New Year’s Resolution; make Choice your ideal option

December 2010: As an entrepreneurial physician, to soar creatively you need to expand your wings!
November 2010:
Are you entering the Danger Zone as a physician on the job?
October 2010:
Integrity – a magic ingredient for entrepreneurial physician success
September 2010:
Some of what I learned about physician entrepreneurship I learned from my horse
August 2010:
Why Your Physician Thought Leadership Matters
July 2010:
Do you accidentally trash time? One secret to producing results while saving time to play
June 2010:
What the desert taught one physician business owner about survival
May 2010:
Five truths to tide you over when the well appears dry
April 2010:
Physicians – Fact or Fiction? How to use constructive self-talk to overcome your trash-talking brain
March 2010: 
Five Simple Steps to Creating Your First Information Product
February 2010: 
The 5 biggest marketing mistakes entrepreneurial physicians make
January 2010:
“Letting Go” means never having to say you’re sorry!

December 2009: Three Tips for a Thriving 2010
November 2009:
The Website Weapon: The secret to marketing your entrepreneurial physician business successfully
October 2009:
The Mini Marketing Primer for Entrepreneurial Physicians
September 2009:
To build a business, quit dithering. Implement … and delegate!
August 2009:
Win your audience over with Wowie! video
July 2009:
Don’t Ration Your Passion
June 2009:
Seven steps to boosting your entrepreneurial creativity
May 2009:
The 10 Biggest Mistakes I Made When Getting Starting in Business
April 2009:
  Perfectionism Doesn’t Pay
March 2009:
10 Ways to Position Yourself as an Authority
February 2009:
Leverage your passionate outrage into a business
January 2009:
What mindset will serve you BEST when starting a business?

December 2008: Getting Past Stuck: How to negotiate the obstacles to progress
November 2008:
The 7 “Cs” of Meaningful Work for Physicians
October 2008:
The Delicate Art of Handling Your Physician Identity 
September 2008:
If you just took fear out of the equation…
August 2008:
Five Top Trends in Consumer-Directed Healthcare
July 2008:
For Entrepreneurial Physicians: How to play a Bigger Game
June 2008:
Resilience is an entrepreneurial physician success trait
May 2008:
Is your website a waste of time? Four deadly website failures for physician business owners to avoid
April 2008:
The four tasks successful physician businesses should outsource … and the three you should always hold on to
March 2008:
If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing poorly — at first!
February 2008:
The 5 Indisputable Laws of Business Promotion for Entrepreneurial Physicians 
January 2008:
The wrap-up – Your Business Plan in Action

December 2007: Where the rubber hits the road – Strategies and Action Plans
November 2007:
The rigorous role of Objectives
October 2007:
The unifying magic of a Mission
September 2007:
The power of a clear Vision
August 2007:
Seven Secrets to A Solid Business Plan
July 2007:
Top Ten Tips for Effective Feedback
June 2007:
Masterminding: How to harness the brain power of a group
May 2007:
Networking Made Natural for Physician Entrepreneurs: Part 4
April 2007:
Networking Made Natural for Physician Entrepreneurs: Part 3
March 2007:
Networking Made Natural for Physician Entrepreneurs: Part 2
February 2007
Networking Made Natural: Top Tips for Physician Entrepreneurs 
January 2007:
Ten Possible Adventures for Entrepreneurial Physicians in 2007

December 2006: The Five Steps to Pain-Free Marketing: How to build relationships with others who need something you have to offer.
November 2006:
Ten Laws to help you thrive as an Entrepreneurial Physician 
October 2006:
Optimism: Why it matters so much to physician entrepreneurs

Published articles by The Entrepreneurial MD

Physician Executive Jan-Feb 2009: How One Physician’s Passion Provided Increased Access and Practice Profitability
Physician Executive Nov-Dec 2007:
Being Bold and Brave — Taking a Strategic Approach to Changing Your Career
Physician Executive Nov-Dec 2006:
Have Dream … Will Prevail

Interviews, Articles and Podcasts mentioning The Entrepreneurial MD

ReachMD – August 2014. The Entrepreneurial MD: Fostering Acts of Radical Creativity in Medicine (by Tim Rush)
The HospitalistMarch 2013. Former Hospitalist Gets Satisfaction Helping Physicians Launch Nonclinical Careers (by Susan Kreimer)
HIPAA Audit - March 2011. Interview with Dr. Philippa Kennealy (by John Brewer)
- Summer 2010. Avoid Relocation Shock (by Marcia Travelstead)
RockYourGenius Show
with Amber Riviere – April 2, 2010: Interview about entrepreneurship, and niche selection.
Emergency Physicians Monthly –
April 2010. “The Coach is In”
Career Renegade -
July 2009. Renegade Profile – Philippa Kennealy, podcast with Jonathan Fields, author of “Career Renegade”. 
April 6, 2009. Broadcast your brand: Find the patients you most want to treat 
“Get Slightly Famous” Podcast
– January 14th 2008. Entrepreneur targets doctors and builds a thriving online business using online thought leadership.
Doctor’s Digest –
November/December 2007. Personal and Professional Growth edition. New Practice Options (by Karen Childress)
- November 2007. What’s Up With These Docs?
The Shop Floor -
Rembrandt’s PR and Writing Blog for Startup Success: Find Your Niche Part 1
An Interview with Philippa Kennealy, MD MPH CPCC PCC Part 1
(November 2007)
The Shop Floor -
Rembrandt’s PR and Writing Blog for Startup Success: Find Your Niche Part 2
An Interview with Philippa Kennealy, MD MPH CPCC PCC Part 2
(November 2007)
LifeWork Solutions Newsletter
– June 2007. Moving on or Out: Change and Entrepreneurship
Savvy Biz Cast
Philippa Kennealy Episode
Student DocJanuary 2012.  What Is a MD-MBA? (a series of links to articles about the role of an MBA)
PracticeLinkWinter 2012. Is Your CV Helping You?
Physicians Practice - March 22, 2013, by Philippa Kennealy, MD and Philip Garrett Panitz, Esq. Minimizing the Risks of Audits, Malpractice Suits at Medical Practices (requires a Physicians Practice login)
ACPE’s LeadDocMarch 20, 2014. ‘Entrepreneurial MD’ Helps Physicians Recognize their Business Potential
Medscape – July 10, 2014. ‘I’ve Had It With Medicine!’ 16 Options for Second Careers (requires a Medscape login)
Physician Financial Success Podcast – Jun 27, 2014. Interview audio on YouTube. Here is copy of the transcript.

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