What’s it like to work with The Entrepreneurial MD?

I do physician coaching. I am a physician coach! As a formerly practicing family doctor and physician executive, I do my best work with people to whom I can relate well.

At times, I work with other kinds of professionals … attorneys, other clinicians, mathematicians, coaches, special people with whom it is a real joy to do this work … but what my coaching clients all have in common is — THEY WANT EXCELLENT RESULTS for their businesses, careers, leadership roles and lives!

On this page, I’ll tell you the kinds of results my coaching clients have reported and also give you a sense of The Entrepreneurial MD’s guiding beliefs and approach to working with you.

Results You Can Expect:

  • Make sound business decisions. When you are ready to embark on a business venture, be it big or small, solo or in partnership, you are faced with an overwhelming array of decisions and choices. You may feel unprepared, and unclear about where to start. I will help you prioritize.
  • Break free of the paralysis that is holding you back from starting a business or launching your idea.
  • Develop clarity about your vision for your business, your reasons for your business to exist and what truly matters to you. You will discover whether your hazy idea can be converted into a viable business.
  • Develop a focused plan for your business, along with strategies and steps to begin to implement immediately.
  • Help with building your business by accessing a sounding board for your ideas and a thorough approach to business development.
  • Rigorous, objective support and feedback. As a physician venturing out from the known “safe” world of usual medical practice, you may feel anxious and uncertain – is starting a business is a wise move for you? With my help, you can expect to get clear on how you want your lifestyle to work for you, and what steps you need to take to make your dream or goal a reality.
  • If you aren’t in business for yourself but in an executive role, I work with you to expand your physician leadership skills, and unleash your full potential as a physician executive.
  • If you are a physician in career transition, I help you uncover the desired career or position that matches your skills, talents, and desires, and then land that job.
  • Learn what you need to from the wide array of resources (many are free!), including:
    • Conversations with Trailblazers: This series of audio recordings contains interviews with entrepreneurial MDs who are or have been successful in their ventures. They represent a wide variety of businesses, both medical and non-medical. They share their stories and insights about their challenges and successes.
    • Insights from the Professionals: This series of audio recordings contains interviews with professionals who support entrepreneurs in their business formation and development, e.g. small business law lawyers, patent and copyright attorneys, CPAs, marketing and branding specialists, business consultants, financial advisors, insurance agents, bankers, investors, medical device specialists, technology whizzes etc. They provide helpful information to educate you.
    • Small Business Tools to help you get started.
    • Recorded teleclasses in which I talk to experts, speaking on specific topics related to business startups.

My Philosophy

At The Entrepreneurial MD, I believe that physicians are smart, hard-working and eager to learn. You are adamant about contributing to a betterment of the world. This makes you exciting clients to work with – when you set your minds to something, you accomplish it!

I also passionately believe that to become an entrepreneur is a Radical Act of Creativity. So much of medicine is about standards of care, guidelines and rules, and it doesn’t allow much expression of your creative drive. At The Entrepreneurial MD, my goal is to nurture your creative spirit to let it loose upon the world.

Finally, I believe that physicians lack access to great entrepreneurial MD role models, sound advice about getting started in their own businesses, and inspiration that is specifically tailored to their skills, talents and interests.

Here, I hope you will discover a Home Base, and perhaps even your own community of entrepreneurial MDs, created by a physician entrepreneur……. just for you!

My Approach

At The Entrepreneurial MD, I respect your individual needs, so I offer flexible interactive programs, rather than “cook book” training. Even when you choose to work in a group, I will encourage you to discover the unique beliefs, attitudes and solutions that enable you to accomplish what you want to.

I take your valuable time very seriously. When you communicate with me, I get back to you quickly. You took the time and initiative to write, I’ll take the time to respond. Even if it is to let you know I’m working on finding the answers to your questions!

One of my core values is FUN. I am not a fan of creating angst, pain or hardship! So I work with you to make your journey into physician entrepreneurship a rewarding, spirited and even joyful adventure.

Another of my core values is ABUNDANCE. There is more than enough to go around, and I have a lot to share – yes, give away – to you. I am committed to answering all your e-mailed questions as soon as possible, and to share what I know and what resources I know of that will help you prosper as an entrepreneurial physician. I am also committed to learning more about your needs, so that The Entrepreneurial MD can truly be a valued service for you. Please take advantage of this abundance!


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Why Would You Want To Use The Entrepreneurial MD’s Services?

When you are looking for help with a startup business, or just being entrepreneurial in your practice, you have many services to choose from.

I know you have choices.

That’s why I work hard to earn your trust and confidence that together we can get the results you want.

As a company run by me, Dr. Philippa Kennealy, a former practicing physician and physician executive, and a current physician entrepreneur, The Entrepreneurial MD is unique.

I understand your challenges and struggles, both internal and external, from her own efforts. I had to seek education and information from industries and disciplines outside medicine. I made mistakes that cost me money and, more importantly, time.

I have also coached and guided the development of physician businesses from startup to flourishing, and, in turn, learned a great deal from my clients!

This adds up to a wealth of experience that I am passionate about sharing with you.

Now that you have a better idea of the results you can expect from working with me and how I approach our work, go to the Services and Programs page to discover what specific services and programs The Entrepreneurial MD offers.

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