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Are you sick of the medical “treadmill”, and longing to be your own boss?

Are you considering expanding your practice or starting a business, but (a) you don’t know where to begin, and (b) you have a built-in aversion to marketing and selling yourself?

Are you fired up with an invention or a product idea, or ideas for a consulting service, and now you’re eager to develop this into a business?

Before you dive into a business, I invite you to take advantage of the following free resources:


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2. Cutting edge video “BizTips for Getting Started”

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2.  Sign up for this mini self-coaching eCourse: 10 Mistakes to Avoid as a Physician Entrepreneur.
Become aware of the common mistakes physician entrepreneurs make… so that you don’t do the same.


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3.  Access recordings of our free recorded teleclasses here.


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6. Library of Free Articles

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