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March 2015: “The Artful Workshop: How to share your expertise and educate patients, clients or colleagues”

Have you ever wanted to give a workshop to share your knowledge (and build some extra business) but, intimidated, you gave up the idea?

Are you eager to teach a far-flung audience via a teleconference, but don’t know how?

When I first started offering these Business Development teleclasses, I was overwhelmed by my sense of inadequacy. It felt very scary to be conducting a class by phone. I wished I could tap into an experienced resource that would walk me through the steps and reassure me that I was going to be okay!

Well, I have recently discovered such a resource in Mitch Feigenberg of Build My Platform. Mitch is an expert in designing and creating interactive in-person workshops and teleseminars.

Since this is a marvelous skill to have to market your practice or business as well as generate income, I thought it would be valuable for us to pick his brains!

Lesson objectives:

  • Determine whether a workshop is the right tool or strategy for your practice or business
  • Articulate the framework of a well-designed workshop
  • Discover how to determine the right “call to action” for your workshop

Who is this class for?

 This free one-hour teleclass is for physicians and other healthcare professionals

It’s for you if you’re interested in finding out what it is to be an entrepreneur and if you want to shift your thinking to consider fresh possibilities for your professional development as a creator, inventor and business builder.

Enjoy this 60-minute complimentary teleclass with your guide, Dr. Philippa Kennealy, who’s undertaken a journey from depressed family physician to thriving and enthusiastic business owner.


Download Link:

Here is the link to the recording of the teleclass entitled

“The Artful Workshop: How to share your expertise and educate patients, clients or colleagues”

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How to listen to or download this recording:

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1. To listen right away without saving the file for future listening, click on “Open”. The audio file will open and play in your default player (it may be one of the audio players such as Real Player or iTunes)

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More about the Instructors:

Philippa Kennealy MD MPH CPCC PCC is a physician entrepreneur coach and president of The Entrepreneurial MD. She has undergone several career “reinventions”, and has built a thriving business coaching physicians and other professionals in their entrepreneurial and leadership endeavors. She is a certified coach through The Coaches Training Institute and the ICF, as well as a former practicing family physician, hospital CEO and Internet company executive.

Mitchell (Mitch) Feigenberg assists sole proprietors and small business owners to expand their success by using experiential workshops, teleconferences, and marketing conversations to meet their customers’ needs.

As a business coach and training architect, Mitch has worked with corporate clients and consulting organizations to support culture change and leadership development. He served as President of the Public Seminars Division of ARC International, a Hong Kong-based consulting and training company offering high impact executive and personal development programs. He also worked extensively in government, first in the office of Mayor Tom Bradley of Los Angeles as a development economist, then with the Department of State as a Foreign Service Officer.


Next available teleclass recording:

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