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A magic success trick for physician leaders

9-3-15magic trickI’ve had the privilege of working a lot recently with both emerging and seasoned physician leaders … And thoroughly enjoying my coaching clients! I so appreciate the fact that physicians are smart, quick to catch on and often driven when stepping into a leadership role. Our conversations tend to be rich and wide-ranging.

Despite the diversity of personalities and leadership styles I’m encountering (I typically have my clients complete their DiSC profile assessment), I notice that there are several recurring themes that emerge in our work. [Read More…]

25 inexpensive ways to wow your patients or customers

1-22-08ideaOur patients, clients or customers are the lifeblood of our businesses. And yet we’re so caught up in doing our work every day that we forget to acknowledge just how valuable they are.

Here are 25 cost-effective ways that might knock their socks off. Pick a few that  make the most sense for your kind of practice or non-clinical business and see how you can work them into your delivery of service! Remember – it’s better to start small and get it done than to overcommit and fail. [Read More…]

A physician business owner keeps abreast of SEO changes

physician business owner Responsive web design Whether you’re a non-clinical physician business owner or a physician with a medical practice, it’s vital to keep up with our changing world… Right?

To my chagrin, I realized several months ago that my website, which has been highly productive, was now out of date. Yes, it was a ranking well with the search engines, but that was all about to change.

Dr. Google had once again changed the rules! But, in fairness, it was due to our behavior as humans. It seems that the computer is no longer where we do most of our searching. With a plethora of devices such as smart phones and tablets, we’re preferentially peering at these much smaller screens as we hunt for information. And my trusty old website was no longer cutting it!

I had to have a website worthy of a contemporary physician business owner. [Read More…]

Physician financial wellbeing … turning to the expert for insights

4-30-15Denniston_financialfreedombkAt last, I’ve been able to check an item off my to-do list. And what a valuable exercise that was. Many months ago, I was sent a draft release of a book written by Dave Denniston CFA, titled “Freedom Formula For Physicians: A Prescription for First-Class Financial Health for Doctors”(A).

People send me books all the time for review and I have the best intentions of doing so… I really do! And when they reach out to me personally, and politely and persistently request my opinion, my sense of obligation shoots up. This inevitably means a new item on my to-do list, and a nagging sense of something incomplete until I can check it off. I do try to follow through on my promises!

I’m happy (and relieved) to be able now share what I learned from Denniston’s book with its prescription for financial health for physicians.

Unless you have some big fancy economics or MBA degrees behind your name, I believe even those of you physicians or readers who consider yourselves financially literate will benefit from the primer’s many insights. [Read More…]

How physicians will find new jobs in 2015

Contemplating a physician career change or at least a change of scenery? 2015 may well be your year.

According to an HR consulting firm ManpowerGroup Inc., nearly 20% of U.S. employers expect to increase their numbers of new hires in 2015. One of the better performing areas will be health services, anticipated to grow between 10%–20%.

This is the good news.

The not-as-good news is that it will take a somewhat different skill set than has been traditionally used to be able to locate and qualify for one of these healthcare positions.There will be changes in how those of you physicians who want a career change and your prospective employers will find each other. [Read More…]